The Charles E. Benidt Foundation is committed to continuing the support of charities that espouse the Christian values and concepts that Charles E. Benidt followed during his lifetime.  Funds are to be used exclusively for established charitable and educational organizations focusing on the following:


  • Education of disadvantaged youth.
  • The training of Lutheran pastors with scholarship funds to Concordia Seminary.


  • The spread of Christianity by funding Lutheran missionaries worldwide through the auspices of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod. 


  • Medical rehabilitation and services for children with disabilities.
  • Support for satellite medical schools to train doctors, pharmacists and other life supporting personnel in rural areas with the intent to provide the necessary health care needs for people residing in outlying and remote communities. 


  • Social service organizations that provide basic needs for families and children on a non-discriminatory, non-denominational basis.  
  • Facilities and organizations that shelter abused women and children. 

Geographic Criteria

       Charles E. Benidt’s intent was to focus his primary giving to Southeastern Wisconsin, particularly the Milwaukee and Waukesha County areas; Phoenix, Arizona; and Worldwide Missions through the auspices of LCMS in St. Louis, MO. 


       No funds are to be allocated to the Red Cross or for the support of the arts, cultural endeavors, museums or other recreational and entertainment purposes unless it is part of the intrinsic program of the approved non-profit organizations.

       Separate from the Foundation support, Charles E. Benidt provided an endowment for the Froedtert hospital chapel in the name of his oldest son Gregg who died in an auto accident at the age of 36.

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